Religious liberty is under attack today. The freedom to live out our faith is being challenged in courts and in public squares across our nation. Christians are being forced to choose between their livelihood and their faith. This cannot continue. It is time that people of faith come together. We must show our government that we will not sit quietly by while our faith is threatened. We will not stand quietly by while our freedom to live out our faith is at risk. At all costs, we will defend our God given rights that are enshrined in the First Amendment of the Constitution. Faith, Family and Freedom Alliance of Kansas will unite people of faith and protect religious liberty in Kansas. 
The family is the foundation of our society. Yet, there are political forces at work today that seek to undermine the traditional family. These attacks on the family have already proven to be devastating to our children. Evidence clearly shows that children are more successful in every measureable statistic when they are raised in a household with their mother and father. This has been true for a millenia and is true today. Faith, Family and Freedom Alliance of Kansas will pursue pro-family, commonsense public policy measures which support healthy Kansas families and traditional family values.
Our founding fathers bravely risked their lives and their fortunes for the freedoms we enjoy, and take for granted, today. They stood against tyranny to declare that our rights come from God, not from men. Freedom is precious and fleeting. As Thomas Jefferson so profoundly said, "The People are the ultimate, guardians of their own liberty." Our nation is on a dangerous path towards tyranny and we must fight to protect the freedoms that our founders so bravely fought to secure. Faith, Family and Freedom Alliance of Kansas will diligently fight to protect freedom for all Kansans.